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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vicki Bites the Dust

I'm a "Real Housewives" junkie. So, last week we were left with Gretchen almost cheating on her dying sugar daddy with Tamra's son. Nothing happened. Gretchen kicked him out of the bathroom and that was that. It was very anti-climactic. I was pissed, but then Vicki fell... priceless.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips for Surviving the Recession -- Lighten up People

The news is bad. The outlook glum. Is it really? Lately I've found my inner voice saying, "Lighten up" a lot. Every time I hear a stranger or someone in line at the grocery store complaining about the economy (as thy dump a never-ending supply of useless crap onto the check-out counter: Lysol wipes, plug-in air fresheners, 100 calorie snack cracker packs...).

"Lighten up"

So you can't grab a Starbucks everyday. So what. So you can't buy the 4th LCD TV with your HH Greg credit card because they dropped the credit line down to $500 bucks and you're still paying off the Dyson you bought six months ago... So. So what. Ever think maybe you don't need it? It's time we lighten up. Really. Things are fine.

Use that energy to help someone who is hungry and in despair. For the rest of us here's some good advice...

1. Put an egg in your Ramen noodles. It's good. Cheap.

2. F*ck alot. It's free and it feels really good if you do it right. Warms ya up too. You won't need the heat set as high.

3. Don't pout; make survival an adventure. This is your entertainment for the next 12 months.

4. Get rid of cable . It's a rip-off, and there's nothing on it worth a shit anyways. A good antenna will get you 15-20 stations once we go HD in February.

5. Eat oatmeal instead of boxed cereals -- Better for you and one/tenth the price.

6. Get a "Magic Jack" and never pay a phone bill again... I know you have a computer.

7. Barefoot wines $5.47 per bottle at the Food Depot. Good times.

8. Buy regular unleaded. Your car needs to make sacrifices too. I guarantee it will still run fine.

9. Dump the Gym membership -- get off your ass and move.

10. It's a great time to start a diet, and no one will no you're really just plain ol' starving.

11. Invite friends over to play cards. You'll reconnect, realize what's most important, and all have a great evening.

12. Beanie Weenies and mashed potatoes. I'm in the south.

13. Time to bite the bullet and be a 'coupon weirdo' when you shop.

14. Invite friends to your house. You don't have to spend the gas to drive, and you can get as drunk as you want, since you're already home.

15. If you can't pay cash, you can't afford it. Cut up the cards. One more time... cut up the cards!

16. Announce that your "going to let your hair grow out" and save on haircuts for a few months ($40 x 3 months)

17. Check out the dollar menus or kid's menus. Hell, it's more than likely a more proper portion.

18. Read books. It's cheap and you can escape the current realities.

19. Turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. Again FREE.

20. Beans are more than just a "musical fruit" they are great replacement for expensive meats. Beans/rice have been helping poor people survive worldwide for centuries

21. Shower together. Save water. Leads to #2. Rinse and repeat.

22. Volunteer at a shelter, then you'll really know what poor is.

Here's the original list.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Virtual Gifts Sooo much Cooler than e-Cards

We've all been Facebook gifting for awhile now but my new favorite is the Giftd Gift Box widget. This cool little widget lets you take your gifts anywhere!

Post the Gift Box widget to your MySpace page, blog, or any other social network profile to display all your irresistible interactive digital gifts. You can also:

* Unwrap new gifts you've received
* Check out all the gifts you sent and received
* Send new gifts to friends & family

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