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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All I Can Say Is, "It's About Damn Time!"

The world is finally discovering the genius that is Lady GaGa. We've waited too long for a true sticky sweet disco pop queen. I've been smitten since her breakout @ the Winter Music Conference in March 2008. She's da bomb. Making the world a better place one sequin at a time. God bless GaGa.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Trends: Kurt Angles trumps U2

Wow! Kurt Angle beats out U2 as today's hottest search. Hurry while it lasts... his 15 min will be over soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You're too Much my Kaneva Friends -- Keep in touch!

I'm touched by all of the Kaneva member messages I've received over the past couple of days. Please understand it's been hard to personally get back to everyone immediately seeing how I'm trying to stay focused on my job search. ;)

To anyone that I haven't connected with yet -- the links, pics, messages and well wishes are very much appreciated. Please continue to keep in touch! All of you long-time Kaneva members are very near and dear to my heart.

All my best to everyone "impacted" by the K-bomb that dropped Tuesday at noon!

Be well,
Angie Gibson :: Angie Catalano Gibson

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fashonista Alert! Fashionista Alert! Must Have - an Ogie Kanogie!

Oh you are going to love this one! While shopping for vintage online I stumbled across a pic of Stephanie Pratt (D-list Hills celebrity and Spenser's sis) in an amazing leopard coat. If there is one thing I love more than vintage animal print, it's an animal print Ogie Kanogie!

What is an Ogie Kanogie?

Ogie Kanogie is the creation of two Southern California women, who after experiencing more than a few bone chilling evenings and cool overcast mornings by the shore decided to create the perfect line of coats and jackets for women. They're plan...

1. They had to be soft and exceedingly comfortable.

2. They had to be versatile -- feel and look good sitting in the sand, on college campus
bleacher seats, in the countryside or in the greatest cities of the world.

3. They had to be easy to care for -- machine washable, durable, versatile (and still great looking.)

4. And they had to be affordable -- every woman deserves the perfect Ogie.

Why must you have an
Ogie Kanogie?

Are you tired of freezing in restaurants, feeling like icebergs in movie theaters and
visiting indoor malls set at subzero temperatures?

And that's during the summer!

During the winter months, we're always seeking FASHIONABLE warmth

I just ordered my first. No, sad there was no Atlanta so I opted for the Dallas! I'm working on that though... look for an Atlanta soon.

Zero Barrier to Entry - No downloadable client, Easy access

The Virtual World Platform Wars - Zero Entry Barrier Required?

Current market statistics clearly show that complicated, downloadable 3D virtual worlds (like Second Life) are not attractive to the majority of potential US consumers online. In reality over 90% of virtual world users are in 2D browser-based services like Yoville, Gaia, Habbo and Club Penguin.

Will 3D Virtual Worlds Need to be Browser based to Hit a Tipping Point?

Browser-based platforms built with Flash and Java -- familiar technology to the mass market consumer and that provide easy access will no doubt be the first to succeed.

Browser based with Rich Media Features - Consumers Favorite Online Tools?

Zero Barrier of Entry means no downloadable client, easy registration and access, as well as open architecture to enable easy integration with popular third party services like YouTube, Flickr and Facebook -- and eventually third-party casual games.

Zero Barrier to Entry - no downloadable client, and easy access? Is this the only way 3D virtual worlds will go mainstream consumer?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Deal -- Shutterfly PHOTO BOOKS -- Hurry Offer Ends Soon!

So it's been awhile since I passed along some great consumer deals. This down-economy has had me avoiding the temptation to shop at all costs. But I broke down this week and started hitting the usual online retailers. Everyone is having sales but these two offers went beyond the typical 60% off...

Shutterfly is offering a FREE photo book. I had procrastinated since we returned from Disney World and not ordered any prints for the photo album. Boy was I glad. I took Shutterfly up on their offer and made a Disney Vacation Book. First I upload the best pics from the trip - 48 pics to be exact - then arranged them into an album. Saved the photo book. Viola! At checkout I added the coupon code "PHOTOBOOKS" and my total cost was $7 (shipping). It arrived 3 days later.

So dive into your digital photos file and create an album or surprise someone with precious memories compiled in a photo book created just for them! I'm very pleased with mine!

Here's how: Visit Shutterfly and order a free photo book. Simply choose 20 of your favorite photos to create a 20-page 8x8 photo book (valued at $29.99). All you have to do is apply coupon code PHOTOBOOKS. Shop soon as this offer is valid through 03/10/2009.

Free Photo Book Snapfish Offering A Free Photo Book Offer Good Till Friday 4PM PST.

Monday, March 2, 2009

And the Ultimate Cheese Award Goes to... Microsoft

Tagline: Our fashion is cooler than our operating system

Are you freakin' kidding me! If you were busy celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas in December you might have missed Microsoft's debut of "Softwear." Yes I meant "SoftwEAR" not "SoftwARE"... Microsoft’s play on the word “softwear” is geared toward youth lifestyle. Way to go Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (MS advertising agency of record). This is the best you've got? Your best attempt at "I'm a PC" and using the streets to increase Microsoft public support? Wow.

Yes, for real, in December 2008 Microsoft quietly launched a t-shirt line called “Softwear by Microsoft” in collaboration with recording artist Common. Common, WTF?!? Some of you may think its unimaginable that the software giant would do such a thing, and maybe have thoughts of ugly t-shirts designed by software engineers or programmers. You'd be right. The t-shirts do suck. Actually the Common for Softwear shirts are a bit more designed and playful but the Softwear by Microsoft designs are an attempt at bad humor and self-promotion.

I sheet you not. This is for real.

AdAge says, with a straight face, that "
Microsoft is pushing out a new clothing line as part of its new ad campaign meant to suggest Microsoft's nostalgic 1980s heyday..." It's no surprise that Apple continues to gain market share.

Microsoft just isn’t going to give up trying to compete with Apple and try to capture the “hip” Mac user. What Microsoft doesn't realize is that this demographic can smell a fake a mile away. How about focusing on the PC and coming up with something hip and innovative there. Something designed to enrich the consumer's life. This vain attempt at redefining MS's brand personality just won't work. It’s an unusual strategy, but on second thought -- anything would be better than those Gates and Seinfeld commercials.

For the play by play at the NYC launch event see Freshness Magazine's coverage,

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