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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's HOT this Valentine's Day you ask?

If you are addicted to your iPhone® it's True Flirt. This is hot! If you download the premium app at the discounted price of $3.99 by Valentine's Day and send one of the ten pre-installed Flirts to 617-460-3269 you'll get a FREE $10 iTunes gift card.

Got your eye on someone? Charm them like never before with True Flirt, the iPhone® app that lets you send fully interactive, virtual 'Flirts' to the object of your affection. Each Flirt takes advantage of what makes the iPhone so innovative—tilting, tapping, shaking, and gorgeous graphics and sound.

Yummy. Sweet. and Salty. Spicey too. I'm smitten.

Flirt with me. I'm waiting.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Facebook Fizzling??? Search results this week indicate it's so

If the top 300 queries from the last 72 hours are any indication it would seem that what you don't see on the graph is the falling dots, that do so as rapidly as they ascended.

Facebook related search terms dropped from the usual #1, #2, #3 spot on the surge report to #190 this week.

The Facebook hype has hit its peak and is beginning a downward decent.

Trends. They fizzle. For shizzle.

In the end it all comes back to your core audience – your niche. If you stay true to them you’ll endure.

The riches will come from serving the niches.

Since Facebook started out as a site for pupils – college and school students – will their niche remain true to them? Where have all of the fickle twenty-somethings gone? Will the high-school alumni exiles from be Facebook's new niche? Is the next fad the 3D Internet?

A social entertainment world like 3D Kaneva?

Oh please oh please oh please oh please. (fingers crossed.) Oh please oh please oh please oh please.

Stay tuned.

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