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Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Essential Traits for a Happy Life

Today's been a reflective day already. There are many new opportunities and some closing doors ahead for myself and my family. Taking some time to sit down and remember what caries a successful (and happy) person through these times has been incredibly helpful. I'll share those traits with you (and remind myself again too)...

1. Love of learning. A fervor for acquiring new skills, satisfying curiosity, and building on knowledge.

2. Creativity. A flair for producing something (anything) new, surprising or unusual.

3. Humility. Recognizing the true measure of your abilities and achievements and appreciating those of others.

4. Humor. The ability to find something to laugh at even in times of trouble and a knack for helping others do the same.

5. Persistence. The strength to work toward a goal in the face of obstacles, difficulties or discouragement.

6. Gratitude. A sense of thankfulness.

7. Forgiveness. The capacity for letting go of hurt and anger... of disappointments.

8. Appreciate beauty. The ability to recognize excellence and take pleasure in the good things in life.

9. Spirituality. The belief in a transcendent dimension of life.

10. Vitality. A feeling of passion, energy and being alive.

Without a vision the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18. Do you have a clear vision?

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